logo WHO WE ARE:
Our association has been found after a lucky discovery of the beautiful former Convent complex in Chotesov, southwest Bohemia (here you can find a brief history of the place), and after becoming the owners of it's part - the convent garden and the house no. 69. This has happened after a few years of searching a suitable place to run our intended activities contributing to the local society development.

The establishing members:
Miloslava Lukasova, M.F.A.
Graduated in the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, specialization Glass, jewellery, plastic art. Later started working as a lector in Jedlicka Institute and Schools for physically disabled young people in Prague, then established with friends and worked couple of years as a head of the protected workshop for persons with combined difficulties The Pavilion of Vendula in Horni Bezdekov. (web in Czech only)
Simultaneously she has been working in the branch of a personal development and crisis intervention. She has been holding retreats and workshops of traditional crafts and arts for last couple years. Her big hobby is anything concerning gardens and garden architecture.
Lubor Simek, C.Eng
Graduated in the Czech Technical University, Department of Civil Engineering. He is used to combining his technical education and profession (structural design) with deep interests in the field of art, esp. music, architecture, crafts, psychology, social work and work with animals. Thus he is taking care of all technical matters and all tasks demanding "a man's hand". Besides this he would like to contribute to the development of cultural life in the community.
Lucie Virostkova, B.Sc.N.
Originally from Moravia, graduated in the Social College in Ostrava. Her professional experience can be found especially in the field of treatment for people with mental diseases and disabilities, crisis intervention, volunteer work in a hospice and social work.
In present days she has been helping people with particularly hard disease and dying, people coming through a crisis and people requiring other support. In our association she will use her education and experience in the branch of grants and development projects for non-profit organizations. Her hobby: nature, ecology, learning new things.
Our activities intended - the extract from the Charter:
Article III
The targets of the association activity
1. The purpose of establishing the Association is:

a) to support and realize activities leading up to reconstruction and revitalization of the Convent in Chotesov and the convent garden, preserving their historical value and utilizing the cultural heritage of this complex.
b) organization and holding activities offering the public an entertainment, education, relaxation and teaching the respect to to the other beings, nature and environment.

2. The targets of the association are realized by the following ways:

ad a)
- searching out financial resources for the reconstruction of the historical buildings
- planning, organization, operating and participating in building works and reconstructions,
- finding the purpose possibilities for the buildings and places renewed, holding own events in those places,
- co-operating with the authorities of historical conservation, history experts, horticulture experts and local associations of similar orientation,
- co-operating with state and local authorities and governments and wit non-profit organizations either in CR or abroad.
ad b)
- holding thematic educational events, retreats and trainings in the field of personal development, ecology and free time activities,
- offering help and informations in the psychosocial area,
- holding cultural events and projects to support the realization of the Association targets,
- caring of the garden using methods based on bio- and ecological agriculture,
- creating protected job positions suitable for the people with learning difficulties,
- supporting the community life principles consisting of active participation of the local citizens in the Association activities and co-operation with organizations of similar orientation,
- co-operating with state and local authorities and governments and wit non-profit organizations either in CR or abroad.