• Co-operation in the Convent complex revitalization process:

Town Council of Chotesov
Civic Association Convent Chotesov
Convent Chotesov - "Former Forestry Office"
National Preservation Institute - Pilsen's Branch
Town Council of Stod - Department of Monument Protection
Faculty of Horticulture in Lednice - Petr Hodonicky, Eng.
The Regional Authority of the Pilsen Region

  • Many thanks for a well done work:

GEO HT HAVELKA, s.r.o.  (detailed geodetic survey of the whole estate)
CPZ, spol. s r.o. (water supply to the pumphouse - rest room)
Mr. Kubelka - Dobrany (excavation works)
Zdenek Sobel, Moravia (roof reconstruction of the pumphouse)

  • Many thanks for support, gifts and volunteer work:
(There are only the most important helpers in the list, from the clarity reason, however we appreciate everyone who has put their shoulder to the wheel.)
PYROCO - fireworks - general partner

Jarmila a Jara Novakovi (many thanks for the "base-camp" provided in their house)
Jana Sladkova a David Lukes
Petr Linhart
Vlastimil Simek
Zbynek Valenta
Blanka Hudecova
Jana Louzenska
Mirek Svoboda
Mirek a Lenka Vodehnalovi
Jarka Urbanova
Martina a Milan Vyborni
Slavek Vopat
Tomas Zatko
Jana Kurtakova